Cyril 'Jeet' Gupta

Cyril Gupta started making computer software and websites back in 1998. Over the years he has made several successful software which have sold tens of thousands of copies.

He has also created and run websites in many different niches. Websites that attract millions of pageviews every month. Apart from the Internet sites, he also runs some very popular Youtube channels.

He has a diverse amount of experience in all aspects of the Internet business and in his 15 years of professional life he has watched the Internet evolve, learning along with the changing times.

His first IM launch was in the beginning of 2013. A software called Traffic Jeet which was one of the biggest launches at the beginning of the year. After Traffic Jeet he went back to his Internet businesses, and also created some new Internet properties.

The tools he creates are the result of his experience, and the learning that he has obtained in the processo of successfully running his websites. That's why the tools are unique, and uniquely useful.

His skype id is cyrilgupta, and his email address is

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