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December 1, 2013

Hey's todays update and good news !

First of all...we're VERY close to cracking the 1,000+ front
end sales on the 4th day in the launch. It can happen any
minute now... we will start a nice mini contest for you guys
that could easily get you $100 extra in your pocket, but more
about that in a minute...

The leaderboard...(mindblowing numbers for some of you) :

#1 - Dylan K : Need I say something ? Naaah...

#2 - SImon Warner : Steady, but Faraaz is definitely on your back man !

#3 - Warrior Faraaz : Jeez dude...I don't believe it ! WHAAA...!

#4 - Han Fan : Still crazy conversions and 14 ahead of Ricky !

#5 - Ricky Mataka : No big change here...wait till you see the mini contest !

#6 - Tim Buchalka :'re climbing fast ! Left OJ behind you already...

#7 - OJ James : Tim just took your spot...and you've got Martin in your neck...

#8 - MAO Flynn : Stuck on the 8th out man ! :)

#9 - Gaz Coopr : YESSS...climbing back up ! Thanks mate ! ;P

#10 - Tony Hayes : You slid down again man...stay in the top 10
please Tony !

No big shifts here, but we're not done yet...anything can happen still !

Just outside the top 10:
Ray Lane ; Kevin Byrne ; SRM ; Ankur Shukla ; Kim Martin

OK...the mini contest !

For the next 48 hours we'd like to offer you the chance to put another
extra $100 in your pocket...which should not be hard for most of you.

Everyone who will make 20 front end sales or more in the next 48 hours
will cash in an extra $100 bonus prize !

Mini contest starts: Today, 2nd Dec 11AM EST !
Ends: Wednesday 4th Dec 11AM EST !

Let's go hard these 2 days and see how many of you will get that extra
cash into their PP !

There's an extra page added to the JV site for this mini contest where
you'll find a count down timer, so you'll know how much time you've got
left to get to those 20 additional FE sales...

Here's that page:

Let's get crackin' guys...!
Thanks a damn lot for your support !

Hit us up if you need anything...


Cyril & Andre


Mini contest page:

Hey everyone !

Let's do a little bonus contest here...

Make only 20 front end sales in the next 48 hours and you'll get
an extra $100 sent to your paypal.

Start: Monday Dec 2nd 11AM EST
Ends: Wednesday Dec 4th 11AM EST

[Countdown timer]

Good luck to you all and...GO HARD !

Thanks for your dedication !

Cyril & Andre

November 30, 2013

Good morning guys !

We had to wait for it one day, but we got JVZoo "Product Of
The Day" today ! Thanks to YOU...

As you may have seen the conversions on the FE are dropping
more, because of POTD and lots of non-converting traffic, but
it's still good and the upgrades conversions are still going

FE: 9.68% with $1.54 EPC at the moment...

Now...for the leaderboard. Changed a bit, so let's see...


#1 - Dylan K : Erm... No comments ! :)

#2 - Simon Warner : Nice and out for Han Fan and
Ricky though...they'r comin' in !

#3 - Han Fan : Still strong, but hey...I'm getting used to that...

#4 - Ricky Mataka : Climbing steadily, but give it a nice push and
you could beat Han... (hint) :p

#5 - Warrior Faraaz - I know you're busy man, but you're only 1 behind
on Ricky ! "Ready...Set...FIGHT !" :)

#6 - OJ James : Up 3 spots...keep goin' like this man !

#7 - Gaz Cooper : Nice going man...Up 1 spot and climbing !

#8 - MAO Flynn : Glad you made it in the top 10 Martin ! Thanks !

#9 - Tony Hayes : Dropped 3 spots there...can you fix that ? :)

#10 - Tim Buchalka : Still No.10 mate...give a little push (only 2
behind on Tony...)

Just outside the top 10 today:
Kevin Byrne ; SRM ; Ankur Shukla ; Chris Sorrel ; Ray Lane


Great results for a great product !

Stay tuned for an extra mini competition on monday where EVERYONE
can get $100 extra on his Paypal. We're just 2 days into the launch
week, so everything is still open...

Let's get this to the 1,000+ FE at LEAST...!

Thanks a lot y'all !
You know ROCK !


Cyril & Andre

November 29, 2013

Hey guys...

Man...the first 24 hours into the launch and we're 500+ FE sales
any moment now...

Despite Thanksgiving !

I mean...that's insane.

Conversions have dropped just a little but still great. In fact...
the conversion on the first upgrade is going up faster and faster.

Some are getting 30%+ on the front end...22%...20.4%...15.2%...
The first upgrade...66.67%...52%...41.67%...33.33%... SICK !
We're seeing $4+ EPC on the front end for a lot of you...up to $37
EPC on the upgrades !

And yes...we got POTD on JVZoo for "Keywords Jeet" AND the first
upgrade "Market Jeet"...

This might drop conversions, because JVZoo has started mailing now,
but we all know that. Not to worry... for the Leaderboard after 24 hours...

A LOT has happened...looked like a real "fight" for the top spots,
but here's the current top 10:

#1 - Dylan Kingberry : Man...1st to 25 AND 1st to 50 FE sales ! You RULE
this thing ! (jaw drop)

#2 - Simon Warner : Looked like a slow start, but NO...climbed up in
no-time !

#3 - Han Fan : Erm...I see a trend here man ! SICK conversions...3rd place !

#4 - Ricky Mataka : Climbing fast dude !'re just 3 away from Han Fan.

#5 - Warrior Faraaz : Solid 5th place...runner up* will have to push a bit
harder to get you...

#6 - Tony Hayes : *That's YOU Tony...just a little push and you can beat
Faraaz... :-)

#7 - Kevin Byrne : You're right on Tony's back mate...this could all change
like any moment.

#8 - Gaz Cooper : I was almost afraid you'd fall behind man ! Same for you...
only 1 behind OJ...

#9 - OJ James : Great job mate...climbing slowly but steady !

#10 - Tim Buchalka : Just made the top 10... Thanks Tim !

* This is turning into a real neck-a-neck race here...everything can change
in an instant !

Just outside the top 10:
Ankur Shukla ; MAO Flynn ; Chris Sorrel: Todd Gross ; Lee Cole

Thanksgiving is over, so keep going HARD ! We can crack the 1,000+ mark
together in no-time !

Let's keep rockin' !

Cyril & Andre