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[Free Video] P!ssed off about Google's last update ? (here's the cure...)

[Free Training] Expert shows you how to get around "Hummingbird" update !

How "Hummingbird" works - Get your Rankings back ! (free video training)


The big G's last update "Hummingbird" has caused quite some
negative buzz...I'm sure you've noticed.

Countless SEO marketers were suddenly completely lost and I'm
guessing YOU don't know where to start anymore either.

Many big businesses are suffering from this, because they're
relying and depending on search engine search traffic...

Their rankings have dropped like a BRICK !

It's simple: No revenue !

My good friend Cyril "Jeet" Gupta (SEO and google expert) has
been on top of the changes from the moment Hummingbird hit,
because he's getting TENS of thousands of visitors daily to his
websites...all from searches.

He quickly managed to keep his rankings and many top 5 spots
in google...

Because Cyril is determined to help SEO marketers and businesses
in their success he's created an in depth video training that
covers everything you need to get your rankings back up.

=> Watch the free training video here ! (no catch)

For new websites you'll be able to use this training to rank
them FAST...and let me tell you...

To established businesses this information has been a golden nugget
and basically SAVED them from doom...

You can BEAT google at his own game, too...

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To Top Rankings !
(Your name)

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[ bad] Did you get my last email ?

Hummingbird SUCKS ? Nope...not if you know how (free video)


Hi...(your name) again...

I just wanted to make sure you got my email yesterday...

You might have missed it or it may have ended up in your "junk",
so I've added it below.

Make sure you watch those videos if you want to take advantage
of the big G's Hummingbird algorithm (unlike most others, who
are still trying to figure out how to get their rankings back).

Here's yesterday's email:


(!!! your previously sent prelaunch email #1 !!!)


To Higher Rankings !
(Your Name)



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Launch Email #1

I am sure you’ve already heard that Google totally replaced
its search algorithm with a new technology called
HummingBird last month, and this change is massive.

According to Google VP, Amit Singhal, ‘It affects 90% of the

The new focus is on ‘Semantics’, not PageRank… It’s
mind-boggling what Google has done. SEO will have
to be re-invented!

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Launch Email #2

Ever since I heard that Google put in place a new
search engine algorithm, I’ve been worried. Google
has a nasty habit of sneaking up modifications that
change the search rules overnight, and suddenly
very popular web businesses go bust in a day!

This time they are sneaking up. They’ve changed
the search algorithm with something called
Hummingbird which affects 90% of the queries…

Their focus is no longer on links and pagerank, but on
semantic and contextual search…. The rules of search
have changed and the guy who masters them first will
be the guy who ranks massively.

That’s why I just had to grab the opportunity when
I heard about this new software tool Keywords Jeet
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