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My name is Cyril ‘Jeet’ Gupta. I run several high-traffic websites, with some getting more than 1.5 million views a month!

Traffic Proof

I am also a software creator with 13 years of experience writing high quality software products for several niches including Internet SEO.

I am sure you know all about how HummingBird is going to change the business of search forever and irrevocably.

If you heard sob-stories of webmasters who lost their livelihood because of Google Panda and Penguin, read on… That was only the tip of the iceberg.

Google’s HummingBird is the mother of all updates that Google has ever made to their search engine in their 15 year history.

In the words of Amit Singhal, Senior VP, Google, and the man who’s in charge of Google search, said:

stayahead marketer

All the different versions of Panda and Penguins put together did not impact searches on Google as much as Hummingbird !!

And here’s more…

HummingBird is not just a new update to the search engine, it’s a completely new formula ! It will have a continuing and ongoing impact on search. What ranks well today, will not rank well tomorrow, because HummingBird is not just a one-shot update. It’s search continuously evolving !!

Only a select few who have made the effort to do a deep study of how HummingBird affects search will be able to survive it…

But the truly smart will use it to start ranking on the hundreds of thousands of new keyword opportunities it creates, and…

Rake the traffic

Let me give you the secret right now. It’s “Semantics.” Write it down, because it’s going to the most important factor that drives search from now on…

Pagerank is dead

It’s now just one of the 200 factors that decide rankings, and the most important among them is SEMANTICS.

Did you get that? Here’s it one more time for you:

- S E M A N T I C S -

That’s the only way to get ranked on Google now. To create Semantic articles, target Semantic Keywords, and use tools that work with Google’s new algorithms. Anything outdated you’ve been using till no is just… plain outdated.

Pagerank is dead

It’s time for a radical update to your SEO strategy.

I’m handing YOU the ONLY Keywords Software & Training Developed For Hummingbird:

Keywords Jeet Box

The day Google released their all path-breaking update, I set down to work. I spent hours and hours reading, investigating, checking, re-checking, calibrating and figuring out how Google search has changed.

I read up every technical piece, every interview, every bit of information that Google had released about HummingBird and I used it to hone my search engine strategy, and I am glad to show you that it worked.

With my new Semantic and Contextual approach to content, I was able to rapidly rank keywords right at the top spot on Google !

Yes…at Google #1 !!!


I am sure you know how hard doing something like this is these days, but let me tell you now. You can do it ! Anyone can do it if they follow the new rules that Google has made.

Here’s what it takes:

What it takes!

I can see the questions floating around in your head…

What it takes!

Here’s my answer, short and sweet : Yes !

I’ve spent the last few weeks working long nights, learning and coding furiously so that you won’t have to stay up like me just to keep up with Google.

I used my learning and my years of experience to create Keywords Jeet, the only HummingBird proof software that gives you SEMANTIC Keywords. Yes, no mindless unconnected keywords, no random data. Just pure and filtered Semantic Keywords that you can harness NOW and rank rapidly.

Just take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

What if!

Yes, that’s what I designed Keywords Jeet to do for you. My Keywords Jeet software will get you all the Semantic Keywords you could want for any niche instantly. And you know what’s the best thing ! Keywords Jeet is so simple to use that you’ll be able to make it work for you from Day #1.

Demo video

Here’s a quick tour of the software to show you how fantastically simple and amazing it is!

Features list
Features list

If you are a SEO newbie, you’re in luck!... Because Google’s new algorithm revamp means that a lot of the learning that those more experienced SEO experts did just got nullified. It’s your turn to get on the gravy train… and all you need to do is Take Action!

In the next few seconds, you must decide whether you want to sit back and watch this hot opportunity go by, or whether you will prove that you are up to the challenge and prepared to take charge of your life and your SEO business.

Make the decisive move… Invest yourself in this software and training and be a part of the next… not the dead.

VETERAN SEO Marketers !!! You already know the game has changed. All the old tricks… the old techniques… the shortcuts… They are so UTTERLY USELESS now. You are still doing some of the old stuff but in in your heart even you’ve begun to admit it…


What you need is a change in attitude. Stop treating Google as the enemy. It’s time now to grow with Google, and to do that you need to know what Google has planned for the future… You need to have the tools that will save you LOTS of time and will help you be a part of the future.

This is the tool and training that equips you for Google’s next revolution. Be a part of it and change your SEO fortunes once more!

Reclaim Rankings


Keywords Jeet Box

Frankly, just the software is enough to give you all that you need to rank on HummmingBird, but I wanted you to really rock your SEO future and that’s why I created the The HummingBird SEO Guide that has the FULL DISCLOSURE on HummingBird... Information that you just can’t live without right now !

Not only that. I also created a special video-course for you that will show you in detail how to WIN…big… Really BIG!

Keywords Jeet Box

Honestly, I could have charged at least 5 times as much for my software and training and it would still be under-priced. I better not tell you what some fellow SEO experts advised me to charge for this package…

Keywords Jeet is the only solution for HummingBird right now with nothing else even remotely on the horizon that gives you the advantage in Semantic and Contextual keyword research like this does…

But I’ve always believed that no person should be left behind just because they don’t have access to the tools and the knowledge to change their life, and that’s why I want to offer you this amazing package now at a price that is unbelievably... ridiculously low !

Get Keywords Jeet now at only $37... You know it's many times more value than that !!

Keywords Jeet

This toolset works. Period. And to make it a no-brainer, I am giving you a 30-day Money Back guarantee…


Grab your copy of Keywords Jeet, test it… play with it… put it into action and keep a track of how it is changing your SEO fortunes. If at any point within these 30 days you feel that it is absolutely not many times MORE value than what you paid for it, just drop me a note and I will give you a full refund.

I want you to feel absolutely secure and good about acquiring Keywords Jeet. You have the 100% safe refund guarantee. Why not buy Keywords Jeet NOW at the lowest price you can get and you thank yourself later !

Keywords Jeet

Now that you’re on board… Let’s get the party started!

Welcome aboard my friend. You are now among those who have chosen to take charge of the SEO of the future. You’ve grabbed the lead today to surge ahead of the laggards, creating a business that’s built around worthwhile SEO practices and long-term rankings.

I‘m not holding back ANYTHING, leaving nothing unrevealed and giving you the perfect software tool to get you the results you want, but… To make it work truly spectacularly for you, I need to get something to complement my efforts from you.

Are you prepared to invest your time, your effort, and your energies into pursuing this the right way? If you are the person who TAKES ACTION… someone who will use the software and the knowledge in the training, then prepare to get the best SEO results you’ve seen in a long time.

Cyril and Andre